Welcome to South African Meat Industry Company

SAMIC is a quality assurance company which was created by the Red Meat Industry of South Africa to ensure the quality and safety of meat in South Africa.

At SAMIC we believe in world class standards of quality audits, inspections and outstanding service performance.

We do...

independent hides and skins audits on behalf of the National Department of Agriculture for export purposes at Abattoirs, Intermediate stores as well as at harbors.

independent inspections at all abattoirs, Meat Traders, Imported meat and hide and skins plants for Red Meat Levy purposes.

independent ‘Brand’ auditing on Trademarks at: Farms, Feedlots, Abattoirs, Deboning Plants and Outlets. Trademarks are registered at the National Department of Agriculture.


We assesses Meat Classifier Students to become qualified Meat Classifiers.

We also hold and judge National Carcass Competitions to demonstrate to producers what the market requirements and consumer demands are.